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20.1.2021 : 7:18 : +0100

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electronic media

Around 20 year ago, the «personal Computer» – replacing data processors of the size of a detached house – became revolutionary not only for publishing houses and dispensed with professions like type setters or print-form makers.
Desk-Top Publishing made it possible for a single person to write and edit scientific texts and images and to create professional publications right on the screen of a monitor.

Nowadays, the fast development of the Internet changes the habits and the methods of the scientific community as well as it changes the way people are collecting information on a certain topic.
Scientific publishers will have to adapt themselves and ensure their publications meet this trend.

At MARGRAF Publishers, while on the one hand we believe that printed books still have a future, on the other hand we see the advantages, electronic and online publications now offer – for teaching, learning and the dissemination of structured and lexical information.
We believe that the proportion of electronic media will greatly increase in the next few years.

MARGRAF Publishers offers a range of sophisticated but easy to use knowledge management systems for editing and electronic distribution of scientific content, combining technical know-how with the efforts of the world-wide open-source community and – in particular – our experience in publishing.

Without content the medium alone does not make any sense...