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E-Teamarbeit formation des régies

Collaboration space for the members of water & waste water enterprises in Morocco to prepare an extensive training on organisational development.
[Partners: European Investment Bank, Home Secretary of Morocco, InWEnt – Internat. Capacity Building] [2005-2006]


E-Teamarbeit jeunesses musicales

Staff and managing committee of the German section of the world’s largest youth and music network are handling their administration task using a collaboration platform.


taken from the margraf collaboration platform

file archiv


Beside the publication of content and educational aspects of an interactive Content Management System, one of our most important  services is to provide collaboration platforms designed for 

  • Project planning and execution
  • Preparation and re-working of seminars
  • Networks and virtual enterprises
  • Connection of mobile employees
  • Support of workgroups
  • Connection of customers and suppliers
  • Communication and projectmanagement in NGO's

Depending on the customers needs and demands, a «tailor-made» meeting room on the Inter- or on a local Intranet is established, combining both a customized design to suit the customers CI and a selection of tools which are needed to fulfil a certain task.

Tools overview

Margraf New Media provides tools, features and services to support  teamworking processes:

  • Pinboard
    Notes and messages for the team can be attached and removed by every logged in member
  • Discussionboard
    Members can open different threads and discussion strings, allowing a well structured communication on problems and projects. E-mail mesages on new contributions to the board can be subscribed individually.
  • Noticeboards
    Individual and private note pad for every member pad to store text, images, links...
  • Internal messaging
    Send messages to the team and to individual members within the teamspace
  • External messaging
    Uses an e-mail client to send messages outside of the platform
  • Conference
    enables simultaneous discussion between the team-members. The chat session can be logged and stored for later documentation.
    An audio-conference mode is in preparation.
  • File sharing and exchange
    Every member can up- and download files, no matter whether they are documents, pictures or multimedia files. So the whole team can use it's own "file-server" in common!
  • Task-manager
    allows to assign and to follow-up tasks
  • Calendar
    displays dates, tasks and issues. It provides automatic reminders about important dates.