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The Water Impact Guidebook

Barnes, Nancy (Hrsg.)

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MARGRAF Scientific Publishers

For almost 20 years, Margraf Publishers has been working in partnership with the scientific community all over the world, focusing on agriculture in the tropics and subtropics as well as botany, economics and extension. 

Our ongoing development work on e-Learning, e-Communication and web design is represented by our department «Margraf New Media».


Recently published

Expected in summer 2016


Die Farn- und Blütenpflanzen der Kanarischen Inseln

Muer, Th.; Sauerbier, H. & Calixto F.C.

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MARGRAF Publishers has some five years of experience in converting training material into «Computer based» and «Web-based» trainings (CBTs and WBTs) which we have implemented for partners like Startseite InWEnt, Startseite GTZ or Startseite IRCSA.


Beside the publication of content and educational aspects of an interactive Content Management System, one of our most important  services is to provide collaboration platforms. Depending on the customers needs and demands, a «tailor-made» meeting room on the Inter- or on a local Intranet is established, combining both a customized design to suit the customers CI and a selection of tools which are needed to fulfil a certain task.


Functional Design and an attractive user interface is pre-requisite for every online-interaction. We have long experience in almost all aspects of traditonal web design as well as of interactive Web 2.0 elements. This guarantees a maximum benefit for our clients.